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Swimming pool care


Regular visits

  • We will ensure appropriate pool treatments and maintenance are carried out.


Open pool ready for the summer

  • Prepare the pool for use.

  • Ensure that all safety guidelines are adhered to.


Check pumps

  • Pipe work, filters and surrounding area. Refill pool and add all adequate products (Ph, Chlorine…)


Close pool at the end of summer

  • Prepare and secure the pool ready for coming months.


Pool draining

  • Pipe work to below skimmer and filter levels - to avoid freezing and subsequent damage.

  • Winter water treatment for the winter period. Cover the pool to prevent leaves and debris falling in.


Monitor pool use and conditions

  • Our client will be promptly informed in the event of action being required.


Pool Treatments

  • Only the pool products used by our clients are utilised for the treatments.

  • Such products can be purchased by you the client or via our services.

  • Product brands strictly specified by you will be acquired.